Apple 12' Macbook - Space Grey

  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Model: Macbook – 12″ Retina
  • Processor: Intel Core M 1.1Ghz
  • Grade: B
  • Capacity: 256GB
  • Colour: Space Grey
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Ports: USB – C & 3.5MM Audio Jack

Pure invention. We designed the new MacBook to be not only thinner and lighter but more functional and intuitive than ever before. To do that, we couldn’t just shave a millimetre here, a gram there. So we started from scratch, reinventing each essential element as part of a singular, deceptively simple design. It’s everything there is to love about Mac. In its purest form ever. A keyboard reimagined from A to Z. From the beginning, our goal was to design a full, uncompromising Mac experience. And a full-size keyboard is an essential part of that. In order to fit a full-size keyboard in the incredibly thin MacBook, we designed the keyboard from the ground up. Each component has been rethought specifically for the new MacBook, from the underlying mechanism to the curvature of the surface of each key to the distinctive new typeface. The result is a keyboard dramatically thinner than its predecessor. Now when your finger strikes the key, it goes down and bounces back with a crisp, consistent motion that makes typing with precision a breeze. Butterfly mechanism. Traditional keyboards use a scissor mechanism, which tends to wobble around the edges. This creates a lack of precision when you strike anywhere except the center of the key. We needed to reduce key wobbling for a keyboard this thin; otherwise, striking a key off-centre could result in the keycap hitting bottom before keystroke registers. So we designed an entirely new butterfly mechanism.

Technical Details:


      • Intel Core M3-7Y32 Processor
      • 4MB Cache
      • 64-Bit Technology


      • 8GB RAM


      • 256GB Solid State Drive


      • 12″ Display


    • OSX
    • 28.05 x 19.65 x 1.31 cm
    • 0.92 kg


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