Nintendo 2DS

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  • Model: 2DS
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  • Colour: White & Red

The Nintendo 2DS connects you

Swap game data with other gamers as you pass them by with StreetPass, receive new game content, videos, trailers and news automatically with SpotPass, and play online with others anytime.

Keep interacting via Sleep Mode

As well as saving power, putting your system into Sleep Mode means you can exchange StreetPass data with others while you’re out and about. On Nintendo 2DS, Sleep Mode is entered using the Sleep Switch: move the switch to the right to enable Sleep Mode and away you go!

New ways to play

Complementing the classic Touch Screen controls and vibrant graphics come gyro sensors and motion sensors to throw you right into the action. Add Augmented Reality capabilities and suddenly your gaming looks a whole lot different!

Circle Pad

With the Circle Pad, located just above the +Control Pad, Nintendo 2DS offers full analogue control in your game worlds.

Motion controls

A built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor can react to the motion and tilt of the system, so whether you’re twisting your system side to side or moving it up and down, your motion-compatible Nintendo 3DS games respond instantly.

Inner & outer cameras

Using the inner and the outer cameras, your Nintendo 2DS can pick up real-world visuals and have these affect what happens in your games.

Play your favourite Nintendo DS games

Almost all existing Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games can be played on a Nintendo 2DS system. With backwards compatibility, your existing portable games look and play just as well as before.

Note: Select Nintendo DS games that use accessories in the Game Boy Advance slot of the Nintendo DS system are not compatible with the Nintendo 2DS system.

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