Sales terms and conditions:

(1) I the SELLER is the legal owner of the goods being sold, I the SELLER agree as part of the goods being sold that all data will be wiped reset to manufacturer default as part of he test and buying in procedure under the Data Protection Act 1998. We will also carry a serial check on the national database to ensure the item has not been reported lost or stolen or subject to a insurance claim.

(2) Any items reported on national database as blocked or stolen, will be stored for 28 days as per police requirement and you will be required to provide proof of purchase in order to get the goods back. Any items not collected will be destroyed after 28 days if not collected by the authorities.

(3) I the SELLER agree to de-activate anything on the item which can stop the BUYER using the item. I the SELLER will accept liability and prosecution if the item has been lost or stolen. I the SELLER confirm and consent to selling the goods belonging to me and allowing a photograph of my ID to be taken and proof of place and living.

(4) Items that is have been sold come with a minimum of 90 day warranty unless stated otherwise on receipt. (A) (B) (C) will be on receipt indicating the condition grade of the item sold. (A) being immaculate may include light blemishes. (B) may have scratches or deep blemishes on the item. (C) deep scratches, dents, melt points.

You are entitled to a 48 hour return policy providing the item has not been damaged or tampered with. 7 days from date of purchase can be returned with a 30% restocking fee. No returns after 7 days from date of purchase. Within the warranty period item will be repaired or replaced under warranty terms. We have the right to hold the item for 4 working days if requires to be returned for repair.

(5) Any information provided for receipt purpose will not be shared or publicly displayed under the data protection act 1998

Repair terms and conditions:

(1) Our terms of business require payment of this repair once goods have been returned.

(2) Console Clinic LTD will attempt to repair all items that are given in for repair. In an event of data being lost or corrupted console clinic are not held liable. In the event of GLASS only replacement on bonded units console clinic is not held liable on damage to the LCD. The final price on the invoice will include all parts and labour with warranty. In an event of liquid damage repair, strictly to get your device working if successful for data to be retrieved.

(3) Console Clinic LTD does not condone any piracy and will not give any information on it.
Any legal modification service we provide will not come with any warranty.

(4) All repairs come with a 3 months warranty from date of collection. Unless stated otherwise. I.e some copy parts may come with 30 day warranty. New/genuine parts come with a full 12 month warranty. This will be stated as COPY or GENUINE

Please note: your warranty only covers the repair that has taken place we do not cover physical damage. If your repair is not up to your satisfaction please bring back immediately. Do not attempt to rectify/fix on your own accord as it may cause damage to the part and will invalidate your warranty.

In a water damage repair no warranty is provided. Unless parts are replaced within repair procedure warranty will be on parts. Please read warranty terms.

(5) Please note: our terms of business require items to be collected within 14 days of repair. After this period you will be charged storage fee of £1 per day there after. After 30 days if failed to collect it will become the businesses and be broken down or sold to recover the cost of storage and repair.